The Truth for a New Day

Isn’t it odd how Christmas already seems like a month ago? And the freshness of a new year is already starting to wane a bit and it just feels like another January?

I want to ask you, not about what needs to change during this year, but rather what needs to change about your life—period?

What just keeps frustrating you? What lingers and seeps into each year, no matter what year it is? What keeps carrying over in your life like some kind of bad debt? What keeps happening that you don’t want to happen? And what doesn’t happen that you keep hoping will?

A friend of mine and I used to always say to each other: The hardest thing in the world is for a grown man to change. Were we being cynical? Maybe. But it’s just true.

In our faith, we say that our God can do anything. We say He is the God of second, third, and fourth chances. We say He is the only One who can change the human heart. But at some point we can stop believing what we say, which is also saying what we believe about God.

But here is the greater and stronger truth. I do not care about your past or what anyone says or who has told you what, here is the reality about you. You + Jesus can accomplish anything. He even said in John 15:5, “apart from me you can do nothing” so the pressure is now stinkin’ off. The beautiful flip side of this is spoken in Mark 10:27: “With God, all things are possible.” And Jesus said that too. How many things? All.

Let’s do a quick review: Without Jesus, no change. With Jesus, change. Got it.

If you have spent a great deal of time and energy talking and speaking out what cannot happen in your life, where has that gotten you? I’m betting just more of what you keep saying.

What about trying to talk about what can happen for a while, just to see what might occur? I’m not talking about adopting positivity or kidding yourself, but buying into Mark 10:27.

Louie Giglio in his message of Goliath Must Fall states: “When our eyes are on the size of the giant, our mouths speak the praise of the giant.” That was what the Israelite army was doing which is why day after day they sat afraid in their tents. David was the only one in the nation who tried Mark 10:27.

If you have been giving yourself (and everyone else) all the reasons why something cannot happen, why change cannot come, why not take a few minutes and write down the reasons why it can. Start first with writing down Mark 10:27. You might want to write the truth on your forehead like Moses suggested repeatedly in Deuteronomy we should do so everyone else can remind you of what you believe. (Why else would you write something you can’t see but everyone else can?)

Grab hold of this. If you are breathing today, there is a reason for the breath. That reason is not to prove John 15:5, we all already get that. Your life can prove this year that “With God, all things are possible.”

(I wrote this to remind myself of the truth. If you didn’t need this message today, consider forwarding it to someone you know that’s like me.)

If you need a strong, motivating video message, check out Louie’s Goliath Must Fall here.

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