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Believe, Become, Be

Robert’s own best-selling books that he authors specifically target men, addressing a wide variety of topics and issues, offering biblical solutions—The Sword & Shield 40-Day Devotional, Legacy of Leaders 40-Day Devotional, and Believe, Become, Be: Becoming the Man God Believes You Can Be.

“As the Executive Director of Ground 40 (a 6 month discipleship program that exists to helps transition men back into community), we have found Robert’s books to be useful and practical tools for our program. The men we assist are transitioning out of addiction, homelessness and even incarceration, so most of them don’t fully understand the God given identities. We have found that Robert’s books help in developing a clear description on who the Lord says we are to be.”
— Wesley Keziah, Founder and Director

“Being heavily engaged with national men's ministry, a large number of men’s resources cross my desk each year. Some I put up on the shelf never to use again. I've read Robert Noland's work with great pleasure and always anticipate a rewarding experience. Targeted for men, his books connects very well, offering a solid biblical framework. In particular, I very much enjoy the challenging questions that compel me to reflect personally, not in a disengaged manner. When I think through each question in context, I then see immediate application in my own life. He goes the extra step of incorporating the concept shared into daily life. In this way, day-by-day, my spiritual life is becoming transformed along with the way I view life's experiences.”
—Mark Lubbock, Methodist Men’s Ministry

“Thanks to Robert Noland for thoughtfully addressing the tensions of living victoriously in the Christian life day in and day out. Memorable illustrations, clear application of simple spiritual truth, open-ended prayer prompts to strengthen and defend with His Word, a very real prayer of confession and petition and a pithy statement suitable for placement on mirrors, car visors as reminders of the daily charge—all there for the taking. Best 40 day devotional experience I’ve had in some time. Can’t wait to take a couple of men’s accountability groups through it, although there’s enough to make it’s daily content the basis for a powerful weekly time of transparent peer mentoring.”
—Marty Young, Pastoral Counselor

“Robert’s books provide very relevant topics that help men consider what it means to become the kind of man we have been called to be and the kind of man this world needs us to be. I had been struggling with creating a consistent devotional time and this book helped me establish a short, consistent daily routine for devotions.”
—Jeff Franklin

“My dad is 86. A few months ago, due to dehydration, he had a flare up of his dementia. Until his doctor was able to find a medication that helped him come back to us, it was a terrifying 7weeks. Since then, he has felt lost. Depressed. Wondering what purpose he has anymore, and is his life worth living. While these feelings are not unfamiliar to our aging generations, it was heart wrenching to see my father—who is like Aslan to me—suffer with a sick heart. This book has been such a help, and a healing guide of inspiration for him. Providing comfort, direction, wisdom, and afford my father the opportunity to feel wanted.”
—Rook Saint-Claire

Men's Resources

Believe Become Be

What if God told you He believes in you? How might such a divine affirmation affect your daily battle between your faith and your flesh? What if your heavenly Father said He believes that you can lead a life of purity, truth, and righteousness, and be a man after His heart? That you can effectively lead your family, right wrongs in your world, and influence the culture in His name? God not only has a uniquely designed plan and purpose for your life, but also wants to walk beside you as your Father, moment-by-moment offering His Spirit so, as His adopted son, you can change, transform, and walk in His will and His ways. In Believe, Become, Be, author Robert Noland takes forty years of ministry, with the past decade focused on men’s ministry, to offer practical, biblical answers for you to become the man God believes you can be.

Small Group Questions for the “Believe, Become Be” book. Access the PDF

The Sword & Shield Men’s Devotional

The Sword & Shield Men’s Devotional is a 40-day journey designed to encourage, inspire, and challenge men to be leaders for Christ in their families, workplaces, and circles of influence. From biblical to medieval times, the sword was an offensive weapon and the shield, a defensive weapon. In the dominant hand of the warrior, the sword was used to advance; in the lesser hand, the shield defended against attacks. As modern metaphors, the sword represents spiritual growth—transformation of men into the image of Christ—and the shield, moral protection—intentional actions to stop the enemy. As examples, a sword is commitment to daily prayer, while a shield is accountability to strengthen areas of weakness. The goal for the Sword & Shield Men’s Devotional is two-fold: Offer relevant, transferable principles of spiritual growth to men, and develop a daily time spent with God to form an on-going habit past the forty days.

Legacy of Leaders

Jesus redefined the concept of leadership when He stated, “Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant. For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:26–28; Mark 10:43–45, Luke 22:26-27). Legacy of Leaders: A 40-Day Journey with the Men of God’s Word walks through forty stories in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, from pillars of the faith like Abraham and David to the easily missed like Shamgar and Joseph (Jesus’ dad). Whether your first or thousandth time through these ageless accounts of men who encountered God, Scripture reveals that He did not choose super-heroes, but rather broken men the world often ignored and overlooked. Be encouraged, challenged, and inspired on this 40-day journey, allowing God to show you what His leadership can look like in your life, as well as the leader He can create in you.

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