Think, Act, Be

Around the year 2000, my wife and I, along with a small group of people were looking to plant our second church. But first, I wanted to spend some time at a place where vision and growth were occurring in a healthy manner. My friendship with a worship leader led us to Pantego Bible in Arlington, TX. As we sat against the back wall in the chairs they had to bring in because no room was left, I listened to a young pastor, passionate and on fire about what God was doing in his life and the life of that Body. His name was Randy Frazee. By the end of his message, I was a fan, but little did I know in just a few minutes, he was about to become a lifelong friend. After church with people clamoring for his attention, he met my wife and I and when he learned we wanted to plant a church south of Fort Worth, he immediately told me he would help us in any way he could.

During this same season, Randy was working with George Gallup, Jr. and George Barna to gather information on what makes up the core content that any Christian believes—regardless of denomination. I was privileged those many years ago to sit and listen to Randy’s messages, formulated from that early data.

Over the years, as Randy went to Willow Creek and then landed in his current role as Max Lucado’s co-teaching pastor, we stayed in touch. Last year, as it was finally time for Randy to write the trade paperback using what he came to call the “30 Core Concepts,” I had the great privilege of him contacting me to help him write this book. I immediately knew how important this project was to Randy, after nearly 15 years of honing this information. What an amazing crossroads of being there in his church and hearing those early messages, and now these many years later, together, putting the concepts into words for Christians today to consume.

As someone passionate about discipleship, I am blessed to be able to be a part of such an amazing resource as Think, Act, Be(lieve) Like Jesus: Becoming a New Person in Christ. This book is a pastor or discipler’s comprehensive dream—simple, practical, and Biblical. Here’s the premise:

The Christian has 10 Beliefs to mature and solidify in his heart. Then there are 10 Practices the Christian partakes in to enact those Beliefs. From these Practices, out of these Beliefs, God then produces 10 Virtues in the Christian that may then come out as fruit to reach others in Jesus’ name. Loving God and loving neighbor—the simple goal, as Jesus taught.

The deeper point of this article today is you never know when God may bring a relationship to the forefront and suddenly you see what the timing and years were all about—a culmination of work and experience that converge for synergy in the Kingdom.

If you need a boost in your belief, have a small group looking for new blood, have a child you wish to disciple, or a younger believer you need to pour into, pick up this book. It’s the kind of work you will find yourself referring back to year after year.


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