The Faith Filter

This morning I had two emails in my Knights Code account. One was someone unsubscribing from this blog. The other was a man commenting on how the insight from yesterday’s article was helpful and timely to him. Two very different responses.

Sure, the unsubscribe could have just been a guy trying to unclutter his inbox or it could have been as detailed as a theological disagreement. But these two emails reminded me of two very important truths…

1—We all have the ability to discern and decide how we process incoming truth.

One man takes two pages of notes from a pastor, while another gets nothing. One man reads a book and it changes his life, another stops after 4 chapters because it’s just not connecting. One man is moved to tears during a worship song at church, while another hopes the next song is better than that one.

We’re all unique with different perspectives, varied backgrounds and experiences. It doesn’t have to mean that something is good or bad; just what impacts one person won’t hit another.

2—We are stewards of Truth, not simply purveyors of opinion.

As Christians filled with the Holy Spirit, we must be wise and discerning with our spiritual input and also realize we become stewards of the Truth we take in. Once we have heard a Biblical truth, we then own it for ourselves and are responsible for it. Ignorance to knowledge to application.

It’s interesting how often Jesus said, “He that ears to hear, let him hear.” That statement hints that not everyone is going to listen, get it, hear it. It also challenges that when Truth is coming at you, will you receive it?

Whether the input is Scripture, or a Christian book, message, sermon, or blog, becoming like Jesus is the ultimate goal of taking in information. And God allows us to discern and decide what we believe will produce that in us.

Teach me your ways, O Lord; make them known to me. Teach me to live according to your truth, for you are my God, who saves me. I always trust in you. —Psalm 25:4-5 GNT


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