Surround Sound

Several months ago, while driving and listening to music in my Jeep, I realized I was hearing a buzz somewhere. When I got back home, I left the music playing and went around to listen to each speaker individually. When I got to the back right passenger side, I found the problem. Nothing but an annoying, pulsing buzz was coming out. So I went into the settings and adjusting the fader, turned off the rear speakers, moving everything to the front. After all, since I always drive and the front speakers were fine, I could put up with this for awhile in the back. I immediately could tell a difference in the range of sound but the buzz was gone so this would have to be my temporary fix.

Well, as we all know, taking your car into the shop for something that requires a door panel to be removed and a part ordered is going to be a two day deal so I decided that at a more opportune time, I would take care of this issue.

But it important to note that the speaker issue was under full warranty and would not cost me anything but time.

Fast forward to last week and I needed something else done so I added the speaker to their list. When I picked my Jeep up with the new speaker in place, the first thing I did was adjust the sound back to every speaker playing. What I quickly realized was that I had become accustomed to settling for what I could hear and stopped being concerned with what I wasn’t hearing. Not wanting to take the time to fix the issue, I was not hearing anywhere close to the full range that my system is capable of producing of anything that I listened to.

Immediately this physical truth transitioned to spiritual and I realized that I do this same thing in my spiritual walk when I choose to put off reading God’s Word, or decide I’m too busy to pray on a given day. When I make those choices, I am missing the full range and experience of what I need to hear for most of or sometimes all of what God has to say to me that day. And as a Christian, does that not mean a day wasted? Of course, this is easily avoided by simply taking the time to stop and listen to what is always being broadcast by the Spirit.

 Then Jesus called to the crowd to come and hear. “Listen,” he said, “and try to understand.” —Matthew 15:10 NLT

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