Serpent’s Bite

News reports this week told of a restaurant in China, one that serves a dish using cobra meat, where a chef grabbed one of the deadly snakes, took a cleaver, and cut its head off. As he reached to throw the head away, it bit him. Evidently, reptile experts say, a venomous snake can still inflict a full-on bite up to an hour after decapitation. With the venom in the glands of its head, it is just as deadly as if it was still attached to the body. The head, after all, is the source from which the damage is inflicted.

The chef began screaming for help, but died of paralysis and asphyxiation, before paramedics could arrive with anti-venom.

What if the chef had first crushed the snake’s head with his boot, rather than touching it with his hand?

There are so many situations in life where the same scenario happens to people on a spiritual level.

“He hadn’t had a drink in 20 years, but something about this situation caused him to ‘fall of the wagon.’”

“She hadn’t seen him in months, but, unfortunately, just felt she had to be with him one more time.”

“He had been free of porn for about 5 years, but, that one weekend, he let his guard down.”

“We all really thought he had a handle on his anger, but this situation just sent him over the top.”

“He had struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts before, but we just didn’t know it was that bad this time.”

See it? Fatal flaws or plaguing issues from the past, where we truly believe we have “cut the head off the serpent,” but it can still inflict its deadly bite when we get too close. Touching it with our hand, rather than crushing it with our boot.

We can choose to deny “the serpents” in our lives are real, falsely and arrogantly believe we can “handle” them, or cut the head off and then maintain a plan to keep distance.

Christ’s death on the cross and His Resurrection cut the head off the serpent, but we still live in the hour where he can inflict damage. May we stay close to the One Who will ultimately crush his head.

I want you to be wise in doing right and to stay innocent of any wrong. The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. —Romans 16:19-20 CEV

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