He That Has Ears to…What?

We often pray some very interesting things. One I hear often is, “Lord, would you speak very clearly to him?” or “Father, we ask you to just speak clearly to her.” Now, we all know what is intended by that phrase. We’re really asking God for no confusion, no error, and no question on behalf of the person being interceded for.

But just imagine for a moment someone coming to you and asking for something from your wife? “Hey, could you ask and see if she could help us out next Tuesday? Would you please speak clearly to her?”

What if a co-worker came to you and asked, “Could you talk to your supervisor about when that report will be ready? And I, along with everyone in my department, are asking if you would please speak clearly when you answer us, okay?” How would you respond to that?

I can’t recall God ever stuttering or mumbling or trailing off on a sentence when He spoke to me. Now, there are certainly times that I have sensed silence from Him. But speak clearly when He does speak? No, I don’t think that one’s a problem.

Think about it—the One Who spoke the worlds into existence and order can’t seem to get the next directive out to one of us? Don’t think so.

From my personal experience, it is not God Who cannot speak clearly, it is me not hearing Him clearly, or maybe not hearing Him at all.

So, how about this? . . . “Lord, we know You speak clearly and concisely, so please give us ears to hear You. Help us to understand exactly what You’re saying, when You say it. And thank You that You speak to us as your children.”

 The Lord then stood beside Samuel and called out as he had done before, “Samuel! Samuel!” “I’m listening,” Samuel answered. “What do you want me to do?” —1 Samuel 3:10 CEV


Frankie Rainey June 26, 2013


Steve June 27, 2013

Great insight, and timely for me as i go on a trip to the mountains; to listen. Thanx

    Robert Noland June 27, 2013

    Thanks, Steve. So glad it was helpful. That's the goal! -Robert

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