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Several years ago while I was pastoring, I created a simple resource designed to help someone spiritually evaluate the past year and set some basic goals for the new year. Just two pages of answering brief questions, so it’s not intimidating, nor should it take a lot of time. I have seen great value in stopping to reflect and also to plan ahead, but all done through the leadership and authority of the Holy Spirit. It is Biblical for us to recognize a stopping place in time and look ahead to a new journey. God had His people do this throughout Scripture.

I have had several people recently ask me for this resource or they shared with me that they got out their past year’s and wrote the questions out for 2011/2012 to do now. I also took this resource last week when I shared a new year challenge to the staff of a para-church ministry. Now that we are a couple of weeks into this brand new year and settled back in from the Holidays, it’s a good time to evaluate. So, here it is, available for you and made current. Feel free to copy and do what you need with it.

I pray as you reflect, as well as look ahead, God leads you into your finest year of bringing His will and Kingdom to earth.

2011 Evaluation-2012 Goals

We plan the way we want to live, 
   but only God makes us able to live it. —Proverbs 16:9 MSG

 The very steps we take come from God; 
   otherwise how would we know where we’re going? —Proverbs 20:24 MSG 

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