For the Average Joe

In Luke 2, 8 days after Christ’s birth, we meet Simeon and Anna. Simeon’s credentials were simply that he was a righteous and devout man, meaning his reputation with man and his relationship with God were solid. Anna was a Jewish prophetess, a respected, revered member of the Jewish religious community who lived in the vicinity of, or actually in, the temple.

Simeon represented the “average Joe’s” of the day, while Anna was a “somebody.” But when they saw Jesus, even as a baby, they both …

… were waiting for Him at the temple.

… immediately, amazingly recognized Him.

… responded first in praise.

… saw that He was the One who was to be the “consolation of Israel” and “the redemption of Jerusalem.”

So, what had Jesus done for Simeon and Anna at the point where they worshiped Him and recognized Him as Lord?


They chose to worship Him, not for what He had done for them, but just because of Who He was and what they believed He would do.

What if this Christmas you worshipped, you told Him you loved Him—just because? Just because He came. Today—let that be enough.

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