The Tough Question of Why?

The start of a new year is a great time to ask ourselves why we do the things we do. It’s the best time to lay everything on the table and ask God what He might want us to keep, to let go of, or grab onto more than ever.

The answer to the question of “Why do you do [X]? being “Well, I just do” is never a good answer.

Two things cause us to avoid answering the “why” question.

The first is fear.

Fear of not having an answer. Fear of change. Fear of not knowing how to find a new direction. Fear of the unknown. Fear of, well, fear.

The second is laziness.

We don’t want to have to think, pray, seek, ask, knock. We convince ourselves it’s just easier to get on the hamster wheel than to put out the energy to find a new path.

Fear and laziness keep us from greatness, from experiencing the real reason we are here, living right now, on this day, not “someday.”

Two things can happen when we ask the “why” question.

First, we open up the option for change.

Second, God has a shot at speaking to us in a new way.

So, this week, I asked myself: Why do I write this blog?

There’s no money, no fame, no rah-rah involved here. None at all.

I could fear someone will unsubscribe, someone will criticize, someone will not like the message.

I could get lazy and decide its not worth the effort, I can’t afford the time, or I just don’t want to this week.

But I write so maybe, just maybe, one of you out there will decide to give it another shot, hit it one more time, do the hard thing, walk in obedience anyway, to seek first the Kingdom, to not fear and to fight laziness. And maybe even ask the tough question: Why?

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