The State of Stuckness

First, let’s define being stuck as forward motion has ceased. You are consistently remaining in the same place with no growth, no progress, and the longer you sit, the more the realization sets in that you are, indeed, stuck. It is also easy to think that running in place is forward motion, when in reality it is just slowly wearing you out.

Here’s a greater dilemma . . . determining the difference in being stuck and being comfortable. Often, comfort just disguises stuck. Comfortable is nice for a while, but ironically, lengthy comfort often leads to an unanticipated event that brings sudden discomfort.

Here are a few points to consider as we enter a new year regarding the state of stuckness.

1—Don’t mistake activity for productivity.

That’s what I meant by running in place. So many men today that are stuck in useless, non-productive situations just increase the activity, so as to fake everyone out, including themselves, that their motion is quite literally slowly digging a hole into which they are disappearing.

2— If you have lost your hunger for growth and change, you’re stuck.

Often as men, we’ll refer to this as “our edge.” Deep in our gut, we all know if we’re living on our edge or not. This is where brothers in Christ can help us so much; to hold us accountable to stay on our edge.

3—Wisdom from God is the only true catalyst to discern comfort from being stuck.

Often, everyone around us will tell us how crazy we are for flirting with risk when life is so comfortable, but the God Who sees the future knows when it is the perfect time to move, so as to never be stuck. And show me the Scripture where Jesus promises He’ll always make us comfortable. In reality, there are more that speak of its danger.

4—The only way to get unstuck is to move in a new direction.

Isn’t it interesting that the human condition will cause us to sit in one spot being miserable, because the risk to move creates a more overwhelming emotion—fear? Feeling a growing level of misery seems to numb the courage to risk. Often, until its too late.

If you are moving forward, walking with God, and working alongside Him in the Kingdom, stop and express gratitude today that you are living the abundant life.

If you are stuck and you know it, take 30 minutes and scan our heroes of Scripture. Every one of them was challenged at some point to step out and risk, often on an on-going basis, stepping out to a place where God was leading.

If you are extremely comfortable with where life is, watch out and pray for wisdom. It’s such a tempting place to fall asleep at the wheel and wake up in a wreck, wondering what happened.

This is the only 2014 we’re going to get. Let’s make it count.

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Frankie Rainey January 13, 2014

You nailed it again, Robert! Keep up the good work! Frankie

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