The Spirit of Christmas Future

This is my fourth and final article for this 2011 Christmas series, having looked at some of the characters of Christmas, particularly some of the often-overlooked people and details. As is fitting and even a bit predictable with any Christmas focus—this ends with Jesus. It’s also fitting to present this to you after Christmas, when most people are starting to put Jesus away until next year.

Here’s my challenge, encouragement, and, hopefully, inspiration for you and me for 2012: let’s make sure any and everything we do as Christian men has Jesus front and center, right in the middle, unapologetically, unashamedly, on the Throne of any situation, circumstance, activity, or event we are a part of. Let’s remember it is all about Him. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the Power, the Presence, and the Person. And even when we can’t speak His name, we can make sure we bring His presence with us everywhere we go. Invite Jesus to go with us to every meeting, to be on every phone call, in every post, in every word, every action, in all things. Present with us on any and every platform He gives.

If we practice this in 2012, then . . .

. . . who will be apologized to that wasn’t before?

. . . what relationship will be made right?

. . . who will be thanked that never has before?

. . . who will be told they are loved that hasn’t before?

. . . who will be encouraged that either was discouraged before or left to silence?

. . . what situation will truth now enter?

. . . what heart will be healed?

. . . what bondage will be broken?

. . . what family will be restored?

. . . who will see and hear Christ in us like never before?

. . . who will come to know Him as a result of us acknowledging Him?

. . . how many lives will be changed because His life is alive in us?

Your life can take on a meaning and a satisfaction that you never knew possible, if you commit to take up your cross daily and submit to Christ. As ironic as it is, much of God’s plan to reach the world is by seeing His difference in us. In you. Then we tell the seekers where the search ends . . . Jesus.

Let’s put Jesus at the center of all we do in 2012. Not our church, our theology, our opinions, our plans and programs.

Just Jesus.

Lord, may I be a man You can count on to be Your mouthpiece in any situation, because my heart is fully Yours. Amen.

What you’re after is truth from the inside out.

Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life.

—Psalm 51:6 MSG

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