The Saturating Savior

I recently spoke at the South Carolina United Methodist’s Men’s Conference. (app. 1200 men—if you know anything about men’s ministry today, its incredibly hard to get that many men to show up at events so ‘well done’ to those guys.) After finding out a particular man’s testimony from the year before when I had spoken there, they requested that he introduce me.

So, backstage, I met a tall, distinguished man in his seventies. When I heard his story, I was once again amazed at what God can do with the simplest of object lessons, coupled with His Spirit and truth.

Watch the short video, then I’ll conclude below regarding what God did in this man’s life.

Here is what this man shared: “I have been going to church for 45 years. When Robert poured that syrup into the one little compartment on the waffle and said, ‘We want to keep Jesus in the church compartment,’ I thought to myself, ‘That’s me.’ Then when Robert poured the syrup all over the waffle and said, ‘Jesus wants all of your life,’ I thought to myself, ‘That’s what I have to do. Give Jesus all of it.’”

This man’s zeal and authenticity about what God had done in him one year before was still visible on him one year later. He was truly saturated with Jesus.

Last year on the day of the conference when God shared that object lesson with me, step by step, word for word, then when I got to Myrtle Beach, He told me to go to WalMart and buy a box of waffles and a bottle of syrup, I thought to myself, “God, these Methodists guys are going to think I’m crazy! Do you seriously want me to do that? I’m not sure that’s going to connect.” Well, I’ve had enough experiences like this over the years to just listen and obey.

Only God could know that a man in his 70s needed to not just hear but SEE a truth for his life to connect with Jesus, the Great Saturator of our lives.

Today, maybe you needed to hear and see what that man saw too, what Jesus desires in your life. Or maybe the lesson here for some is the next time you think you can’t share truths about Jesus because you don’t know enough Bible, or you aren’t “theologically trained,” or some other excuse to communicate God’s truth to other men, just remember this crazy waffle and syrup story and the simple things God will use to get through to people, like only He knows and can do.

If you need saturating, Jesus has the syrup. If you’re already saturated, keep pouring yourself out.

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