The Private Made Public

We all know the buzz of the day on Donald Sterling. It’s the perfect storm of sports, racism, money, power, and even constitutional rights thrown in. As with so many current events with people chiming in from all directions, I want to take a look at what we can learn from this situation—deeper than the obvious points, of course.

While it is a fairly new concept, any of us can be recorded at any given time in any given situation. Every day on the news feeds, there is video or audio released of someone doing something they shouldn’t or saying something they shouldn’t. Remember the politician from Louisiana just a few weeks ago? That was footage from a “security” camera.

To think this recording frenzy—mostly secret—and broadcasting of it—always public—is going to stop, or even slow down, is sticking our heads in the sand.

Here’s the take away from this news of the day, and all the other situations.

What slander or slam would the people around us be shocked to hear us say, but we share it in “private” or think it all the time?

What might be caught on video that would hurt others and end relationships?

As Christian men, we are always being seen and always being heard by our Heavenly Father. And who are we out to please most anyway, more than He? But what if from today forward, we spoke and acted like all conversations and actions were being recorded? What would we change? Since we aren’t too far from this being reality anyway, a head start motivated by Scripture might be wise.

 The Lord is sitting 
in his sacred temple on his throne in heaven.
 He knows everything we do because he sees us all. —Psalm 11:4 CEV

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