The Bad Guy II

This is a follow-up from yesterday’s post—The Bad Guy.

There are so many situations in our world today where we blame a person, or a group of people, as responsible for the downfall of many. Here are a few areas where we polarize and blame flesh and blood.

Government—Federal, state, and local

Judicial System

Educational Systems



We make the argument that if a certain person were not in a certain position of authority or status, things would be different. Or we look at a celebrity and are frustrated with the apparent squandering or misuse of the opportunity he/she has been given by watching them misguide by the millions.

Now, of course, people practice disobedience and go about promoting personal agendas and we know the greater the wealth, power, and fame, the more temptation will come. But in light of Scripture and the verse we focused on yesterday—Ephesians 6:12—the next time we stare at a person on TV and want to lay the decadence of humanity at their feet, think about this analogy for a moment…

Ever watch a good ventriloquist? The guys with the creepy puppets who make them look very real by moving their mouths, but it’s really the person doing the talking through clenched teeth, “throwing” their voice. We know in our minds the reality of the illusion, but our hearts are too entertained by the disguise to care. We’re affixed to and fascinated by the diversion.

Just like God uses people through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit for His work, the enemy uses people in his as well.

We often entertain the mindset that a person needs to be defeated for evil to be cast down. Actually, the truth is people need to come to know Christ and the enemy of God needs to be defeated in the now, because he already is in the long run. Therefore, we should never be frustrated when those who don’t know Christ don’t act like Christ. The enemy is the enemy.

Maybe the next time you watch someone on TV or hear a person speak and start to wrestle against flesh and blood, think about the possibility you might be just watching the work of a really good ventriloquist.

Never stop praying, especially for others. Always pray by the power of the Spirit. Stay alert and keep praying for God’s people. —Ephesians 6:18 CEV

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