Resurrect & Re-engage

For over ten years, I played drums as a career, traveling in Christian music. I also sang, wrote songs, produced artists, etc., but the essence of my music career was being a drummer. Eventually, I got off the road and into other ministries, which slowly led to the demise of my drumming. Oh, I occasionally would set up and play, but it became a rare event. By necessity, life edged that out of my schedule. By nature of who I am, I missed it.

Last week, a buddy of mine who’s a worship leader at his church said, “Hey, I don’t have a drummer this Sunday. Why don’t you play?” I hadn’t even set down behind a kit in about 3 years. But I said yes.

So, this past Sunday, it was like riding a bike. Yes, I was a bit uncertain and a little rusty, but after a rehearsal and then in the worship service, it all came together. Relieved and grateful, I realized—I am still a drummer, and maybe, just maybe, this is something I can work back into my life.

Here’s the connection to you. As busy, committed, hard-working men, there are quite often good, right, fun, and God-honoring things that we just let fall off the edge. I could rattle off a list of things, but you know yours. If there is something you used to love and enjoy, but time and life just bumped it off, you know what that is for you.

Here’s the question: Should you bring it back? Should you figure out how to re-engage whatever it was or is? We often hear men who are about to retire say that they are going to get back into some activity that they laid down in the past. Why should we wait for a magic moment or for retirement or for permission from some unknown?

Maybe you still are something that you thought was gone. Maybe something needs to take a break while you resurrect a passion? I never would have, had I not been asked. So . . . consider yourself asked.

Do what the Lord wants, and he will give you your heart’s desire. —Psalm 37:4 CEV


Tripp Lee January 23, 2013

Robert, please keep "playing it the way you feel it, where He wants you to be." So very thankful for these words of His through you at this appointed time. Exactly what He wanted me to hear today!

    Robert Noland January 23, 2013

    That's the goal, bro! Thanks for being faithful to read and engage. Appreciate your support and the work of the Holy Spirit in us both. -Robert

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