Provision vs. Perversion

I heard it from the mouth of yet another man last week. It certainly wasn’t the first time. “I’m worth more to my family dead than alive.” At some point, we all think this. We may never admit it, but we think it.

Any time a man makes this statement, it is always and only about money and life has been reduced to dollar signs. Financial pressure, debt, and losing the passion for living cause the bottom line of life to become the bottom line of a balance sheet.

For husbands and fathers, no amount of money will replace or is worth the role he plays. Yes, we mess up. Yes, we blow it. Yes, we do stupid things. But never should our lives be dumbed down to a dollar value.

When any of us hear this whispered in our ear, it will NEVER come from God. This lie is never about provision, but perversion. This message is brought to you with no commercial interruption courtesy of the Accuser who hates you and your life. He knows what would happen to your family if you were suddenly gone. And he likes that picture.

When you start to sift your life down to numbers, when you begin to think of your life’s mission in dollar signs, this is a strong warning shot over the bow that something is wrong in the heart. The spirit is sick. But this is a temporary problem. Figuring out how to exit and leave your family with a check is permanent. And wrong. Every time.

Don’t listen to any voice that tells you that you can be replaced with anything, but especially a stack of cash.

The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being. —Matthew 6:21 MSG

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