Plot or Plan?

Do not those who plot evil go astray? But those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness. —Proverbs 14:22 NIV

We do tend to either be plotters or planners. God is definitely about planning and Satan is most certainly into plotting. So hopefully, the more mature we get in Christ, the less we plot and the more we plan.

A plot is a private agenda with a selfish motive, scheming to hide the truth.

A plan is an intentional public action, providing the opportunity for the best for all involved.

Here’s a few examples of the difference:

A plotter hides important details of a business deal, hoping they won’t be discovered until after the sale. A planner lays everything on the table, answers all the questions truthfully, while working to close, but wanting a life-long customer more—and a good name.

A plotter offers to take his wife out to dinner on Wednesday and on the way home mentions that—oh yeah—Saturday he has a golf day planned and hopes it’s okay since they had such a great time tonight. A planner tells his wife that he’d like to be able to play golf on Saturday and wants her to plan another Saturday to have an outing while he stays home. (And takes her to dinner on Wednesday, just because.)

A plotter tries to quietly criticize the pastor’s new Sunday schedule with his church friends to drum up opposition. A planner makes an appointment with the pastor to hear out the why’s and what’s, then shares his concerns, if he still has any after the explanation.

You get the picture. We are tempted daily to plot, although God offers the plan. The old adage is true—failing to plan is planning to fail. So, with all this in consideration, here’s three points.

1—A solid plan keeps you away from the temptation to plot.

2—A solid plan can keep you from falling victim to someone else’s plot. (Don’t let someone else have a better plot than your plan.)

3—A solid plan is provided on a daily basis by God Himself.

The good news is planners are just redeemed plotters. Today, may you find love and faithfulness in others, while others find love and faithfulness in you. But that requires a plan.

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