My Show Rocks!


I was at an event this week in Nashville where Tom Jackson spoke. Tom is well-known and respected as a live event consultant who has worked with over 300 artists and bands to improve  and expand their live stage performance. Everything from teaching a lead singer how to connect with the audience to creating visuals for a world tour.

Tom told the story of standing in the line at a Starbucks, realizing he was behind an artist whose record label and management team were in the process of hiring him to coach the singer. So Tom introduced himself and said, “Hey, your people have asked me to get with you soon to work on your live show.” He said the artist folded his arms and responded, “Why?! My live show rocks.”

None of us would be terribly surprised by someone in the entertainment business acting like that. But when I heard this story, I began to think about us as men and our pride regarding whatever each of us would consider to be our “show.” Because we all got a “show.” Whether it be God Himself, or someone wiser and stronger in the faith, saying to us, “Hey, I can really help you with this area,” too often our response is, “Why?! My show rocks.”

Here’s the question today . . .
What areas of your life do you think “rock” so much that you need no one’s help? Where are you looking at God, or someone else, and trying to convince that the “show” is amazing?
Here’s 3 ways to make sure our show really does rock . . .

1-Be certain God is always the One determining what the “show” is.

2-Listen to those smarter and wiser than us, who know the “show” far better than we do.

3-Allow other men to be honest with us about our “show”—if it stinks or if its awesome. And listen to them.

Your statutes are my delight; they are my counselors. —Psalm 119:24 NIV

Refuse good advice and watch your plans fail; take good counsel and watch them succeed. —Proverbs 15:22 MSG

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