Manger Moments

This time of year, we start seeing Nativity scenes, either in a reenactment or play, or maybe in a movie, or in a painting. There is often a sense of stillness, peace, and awe associated with the setting of Jesus, just moments after His birth, lying in the manger with Joseph and Mary looking on.

That quiet solitude, unfortunately, is the exact opposite of what many will experience between now and December 26.

Here’s the quite simple challenge, and hopefully inspiration, for you today in two short points, as “the Holidays“ now officially commence.

1—Watch for the Manger Moments that will come your way this season.

Somewhere in the chaos, God will bring an opportunity where your heart can connect with the simplicity and peace of the birth of Christ.

It might be a toddler smiling at you at the mall, looking up from the stroller. It could be a barista that seems genuinely interested if you’re having a good day. Maybe a conversation with a family member or friend that you haven’t seen in a while and the talk goes deep and touches home. It might be a moment when you’re watching your family carrying on and talking, and you simply smile, watch, and thank God He’s let you be here another year. No matter how crazy life gets, no matter how many school programs you have to attend, or office gatherings, or trips to the store, God will give you some Manger Moments; so don’t miss them.

2—Create some Manger Moments by design.

In that crazy schedule, carve out some time to give, call, talk, reach out, share, love, and be still. Sit in the quiet darkness and watch the Christmas lights . . . without your phone. Walk in that homeless shelter or that ministry you’ve always wondered about and do something for them. Grab that Angel from the Angel Tree and get that gift. Take your neighbor a pie and maybe return the drill you borrowed too. Put on your earbuds, close your eyes, and listen to Silent Night. Oh, and don’t forget, in all the craziness, to tell Jesus “Happy Birthday” and thank Him for coming, giving, and sharing His life with you. After all, it would be Hell without Him.

Whether they last for a few seconds amidst the madness or you create your own to stop the madness, experience what God has brought to you this season—Manger Moments where Jesus whispers His peace to your soul this Christmas.

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Frankie Rainey December 3, 2013

Thank YOU for that Manger Moment, Robert! Frankie

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