Knee Deep in…

In checking in on one of the many 3SG groups meeting around the country, one of the leaders responded with, “Some groups are struggling to meet consistently, but one is knee deep with one of their guys in some issues.” He was obviously comparing and stating the group involved in ministry to a member wasn’t struggling with meeting, as were some others.

The quite ironic thing about us men is when we feel life is going well—even if those around us may not feel it is—we will “struggle to meet consistently,” finding reasons to avoid connection and conviction. Why rock the boat?

But—the opposite is also true—when we know things are not going well and we’re blowing it big time, we can “struggle to meet consistently,” so as to isolate and hide. Like Adam did.

But when we get into “knee deep” trouble and realize we’re sinking fast, we suddenly find time to meet and usually demand someone else find the time to wade in with us.

Meeting regularly with your 3SG, or whatever name you choose to call your group, whether life is incredible or crappy, is the same principle as regular maintenance for your car. You take care of oil changes, tire rotations, belt inspections, and fluid level checks to try and avoid getting “knee deep” into a major car repair.

If you stay current with someone on a weekly basis regarding temptations, struggles, and problem areas, you’re much less likely to face a personal crisis.

There are no guarantees regular maintenance on your car will prevent a huge breakdown. There are also no guarantees regular meetings with other men will always stop sin in its tracks either. But what gives us the better shot at not breaking down?

If you keep making excuses or coming up with “conflicts” to avoid meeting with guys, you can know you are burning oil and it’s a matter of time until the engine runs dry.

But committing to regularly gather, not just for you, but to care for and give back to other men, can put you “knee deep” in God’s blessing and favor.

The Law of the Lord is a lamp, 
and its teachings 
shine brightly.
 Correction and self-control will lead you through life. —Proverbs 6:23 CEV

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