“I’m out.”

While watching an episode of Shark Tank I saw Mark Cuban, after listening to a woman pitch her concept and business, then answer questions from the other “sharks,” say—in paraphrase—“You find excuses rather than seize opportunity. You’re going to have to break through your personal barriers before you can ever be a success in this business. … I’m out.”

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Cuban, it was wise insight and solid advice for this person and possibly the real benefit she could get from the show, if she went home and became pro-active in changing her attitude and mind-set.

After hearing Cuban’s words, I quickly thought to myself, “How many times has God said a very similar thing to me?” “Robert, I hand you an opportunity and you find an excuse as to why it won’t work. Your personal barriers to obedience are keeping you from my plan for your life.”

But here’s another aspect of the great news about God. He never ends any of His sentences with, “I’m out.”

Sadly, though, many of His children look at Him and say, “God, I’m out,” because they blame Him for some outcome in life they don’t like. Sometimes they come back around and sometimes they don’t.

When God challenges me on my obedience to Him, He does have to discipline; there are consequences; He does correct; yet, He is never “out.” He just has to start working on me until He can once again work in me and then through me.”

It is important to inventory life on a regular basis and ask, “Where am I giving God excuses for disobedience? Where am I stalling and delaying out of mistrust? Where am I putting up any kind of barrier to His will in my life?”

When we discover one of these areas, the answer is always to, once again, hand it over to Him, confess the disobedience, receive His forgiveness and correction, and move on toward His opportunity and partnership.

Never waste any time and energy wondering if God is “out” in your life. He is not. In fact, let’s turn the Shark Tank phrase around and say, “God, I’m in! What are we going to do today?”

Seek first God’s kingdom and what God wants. Then all your other needs will be met as well. —Matthew 6:33 NCV


Stephen Satterfield July 20, 2014

Thanks Robert, This is what I needed to hear today. I find myself not saying "I'm out" to God, but somehow I "check out" with my actions or my non-actions. I am spending time with God on this to explore why and what I need to do. Thanks again. Enjoy your posts. Peace and Grace to you! Keep up the great work!

    Robert Noland July 22, 2014

    Thanks for engaging, Stephen, and for your encouragement. It means a lot. I think all of us men carry that lazy moment Adam had in the Garden and battle it constantly. Going in and out of choosing Adam and Jesus. For me, prayer and the Word are obviously crucial, but accountability with my wife and brothers in Christ have been a great motivation and inspiration as well. The constant surrender to the pro-activity of Christ to battle the passivity of my own flesh. Keep fighting the good fight! -Robert

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