Hole in the World

Well, for those of you who may have noticed, I’ve been AWOL the past 2 months. All for good reason. Writing projects and deadlines demanded all my time, plus I felt, for the first time since 2009, I should take a break from this blog. Thanks to those of you who reached out to check, but I am back in the saddle now.

Has anyone else noticed, in the past 3-6 months, that the downward spiral of our culture seems to have been put into the next gear? I’m not claiming we’re in the final lap, but we have certainly increased speed toward the end.

Let’s recap…

5 judges decided to overrule states’ rights and “redefine” marriage, not only impacting the family, but the foundation of democracy.

Racial tensions are flaring and coming to a head in a manner that feels like the early 70s all over again.

Sexual perversion is escalating, and as one involved in men’s ministry, I’m noticing middle-aged white males seem to be the worst perpetrators.

Divorce among the rich and famous is making weekly headlines, even to the point that a “celebrity split-up” is being used as marketing for the new Muppet show.

We’re all thinking twice about attending a movie.

Violent crimes are getting more and more heinous.

Children are no longer off-limits in adult revenge; in fact, they are used as pawns far too often, in far too many situations.

So, there’s the bad news we all know. What’s the good news?

Last week, a new friend of mine shared this question with me. He asked, “In Genesis 18 and 19, why did God destroy Sodom?” Even as one who teaches Scripture and should know better, I answered, “Rampant sin.” My friend said, “No. Sin had been rampant there for quite some time, but God didn’t destroy the city yet. It wasn’t the presence of sin, but the absence of righteousness. The question to Abraham was not about sinners, but were there any righteous remaining?”

So, as sin spirals out of control, the righteous who will take the presence of God with them into the culture become more and more crucial. The scene at Sodom shows us this truth.

In 2007, the Eagles released a single entitled, “Hole in the World.” Well, in 2015, this is becoming a cavern.

So, there is indeed an ever-widening hole in the world today, but the only thing that can possibly fill it is the same Solution that has been available for each generation.

When God asks anyone how many righteous there are in your nation, live a life worthy of being on the list.

And the Lord replied, “Then I will not destroy it for the sake of the ten.” —Genesis 18:32 NLT

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