Hey Guys, Meet Mike & Gregg

I want to take a moment to tell you about Mike and Gregg.

Mike and I went to high school together. As God blessed Mike in his business over the past 12+ years, he saw that as an opportunity to bless and support what I do in ministry. Every single month for all these years, Mike gives to my ministry. As a result, his sacrificial gift enables me to write this blog for you “for free.” So, if you’ve been blessed in 2014 by the words here, thank God, then thank Mike.

Next, meet Gregg. In 2009 when I first launched this ministry, Gregg heard me teach The Knight’s Code principles at a men’s retreat. The next week, he called, drove 3 hours to take me to lunch and essentially God used him to confirm to me He was indeed doing something in this ministry. Gregg began to give every month back all those years ago and has never missed once ever since. So, again, if you’ve been blessed and have grown in 2014 by anything written here, thank God, then thank Gregg.

See, here’s the truth … I can’t do this ministry and offer resources like I do, even this one delivered for free, without the support of men like Mike and Gregg. Their gifts are just as crucial to getting this ministry to you as mine. Every man who has been touched by my books, live teaching, or posts, Mike and Gregg have been a part of that.

In the first quarter of 2015, I’ll be presenting The Knight’s Code conference in Florida and Texas. Mike and Gregg will help get me there to reach those men.

As we close this year, I want to publicly thank these two friends who encourage me, affirm my gifts, and bless me each month by supporting these very words you are reading right now. I don’t care what ministry you do, it is always a team effort. Always. And Mike and Gregg are on my team and I am grateful.

As you take a look at your year-end giving, if you’ve been blessed by receiving and reading this blog, consider a one-time gift or joining these guys on the monthly team. No gift is too small—especially if everyone responded with a little, rather than one with a lot. That’s what a team does.

Go to theknightscode.com and click on the Donate button or email me with questions at info@theknightscode.com. All gifts are tax-deductible.

May God bless you—and everyone on your team—in 2015 as you seek and serve Him.

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