Going Back to the Garden

photoIn Genesis chapter 2, we read the description of the Garden of Eden. In chapter 3, after sin was introduced, we see that Adam and Eve could hear God walking in the Garden, looking for them.

The conclusion we can draw from these two chapters is that God was physically with Adam and Eve. He walked and talked with them. No barriers. No hindrances. No communication issues at all. A Father’s relationship with His children.

The work of salvation and redemption that Christ carried out on the cross may not have brought us back to the physical visibility of walking with God, but it certainly allowed for the relationship to be fully restored so that we can again walk and talk with Him. No barriers. No hindrances. No communication issues at all. A Father’s relationship with His children.

As His son today, that deep sense of God being as close as your own breath is available to you. Christ made this level of relationship once again fully engaged.

In our busy, crazy, noise-drenched lives, here’s a few tips for walking in the garden with God.

1—Find somewhere you can physically go, at least once a week, that is your personal garden where you can walk and talk with Him. It is the spot you meet Him for unhindered, undistracted Father and son time.

2—Talk out loud, if at all possible. (If you like to go to a park or a more public place: wear your earbuds and people will think you’re on the phone. J) There is something about speaking out loud to God that can help us stay focused and on track, rather than allowing our minds to wander and follow the rabbit trails in our minds.

3—Be candidly open and honest with God. (Read Job. Evidently He can handle it.) Tell Him your real, authentic, nasty, ugly thoughts. He already knows them. Let Him hear them from you. Ask Him anything you want. Don’t back up or back off. He wants to know how you feel, what you think, what you need, and what you want. He’s your Father.

Christ made the intimacy of the Garden available to God’s adopted sons, through His suffering and pain. So let’s honor Him and talk to Dad.

Then the one sitting on the throne said: I am making everything new. —Revelation 21:5a CEV

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