Frozen Over vs Freed Up

In the winter months on many mornings, when I go out to leave, or even just move a car, there is often a layer of ice on the windshield. Whether it’s a thin sheet or a heavy build-up, I have to turn on the defroster to clear the view. I cannot safely move forward until the defroster has had sufficient time to do its job. I must sit there and wait patiently for the windshield to clear before I can move; the thicker the ice; the longer the wait.

In my spiritual life, I often find my view “fogged up” or “frozen over.” I cannot safely move forward because I can’t clearly see where I’m going. To walk forward in that moment could be a huge mistake. And the thicker the blockage, the longer it takes to see.

The Holy Spirit acts as a defroster for our cold hearts, warming us up, clearing the view, and pointing us to Jesus. If life has been a bit foggy lately or your point of view is unclear, ask the Holy Spirit to do its work in and on your heart for your soul to be able to see.

I will ask the Father to send you another Helper, the Spirit of truth, who will remain constantly with you. —John 14:16 (Voice)

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