Feeding Someone a Line

There is a neighbor on our block that as the mowing season has begun clearly decided this was not a priority for him this year. As the grass gets higher and thicker, the sidewalk is beginning to be overgrown. Anyone who comes down our street can’t not notice it.

This weekend, as I had finished mowing and was putting the finishing touches on edging around the walk, I realized he was coming toward me. As we exchanged “How’s it going’s?” he asked, “Do you ever have trouble with your trimmer?” I answered, “Not really. Every once in awhile, the line sticks and I have to bump it, but that’s it.” He responded, “Well, I’m having trouble with the line feed in mine.” At this point, I’m realizing the guy actually does have the tools he needs to do his yard.

Then he continues, “And I have a really nice commercial gas powered trimmer too, but trying to get the oil and gas mixture right is a pain.” Now, I’m thinking this guy has waaaaay better tools than I do, sitting unused in his garage. He thanked me for the time and walked away. I, now completely puzzled, closed with, “Alright man, take care.”

As I’ve done often on this blog in bringing up other men’s business, I’m not about to talk about his neglect of his yard, because after he walked away, I kept thinking to myself, “Lord, how often have I worried or whined or begged for something and You have already provided me the tool for that particular issue long ago and I’m just letting it “sit in my garage” unused and ignored? And everyone can see the neglect—except me?

Isn’t it ironic for us as men that we can possess the tools, but find some rationalizing reason not to use them?

But wisdom is shown to be right by its results.” —Matthew 11:19c NLT

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