The (Dis)Comfort Zone

When we use the phrase … “that makes me uncomfortable” … it can mean a variety of different things. From something just isn’t quite right about a situation all the way to feeling like you have no control.

Actually, for the Christian, the word “uncomfortable” never has to be a negative.

Scenario 1 … “I’m feeling uncomfortable, so that’s a solid sign to exit this situation.” It’s a temptation flag. It’s an integrity warning. Things could go south here if I stick around. So, in the words of Shark Tank, “I’m out.”

Scenario 2 … “I’m feeling really uncomfortable, so God must be about to do something.” This is beyond me, past my control, bigger than I can handle, so God is in the house. Things are about to get challenging, but faith building. To this we should say, “I’m in.”

Here’s where we get into trouble …

Scenario 1 … The temptation or integrity “uncomfortable” strikes and we say, “Oh, well, what’s it going to hurt? I’m in.”

Scenario 2 … God is moving and we get “uncomfortable” and we fear loss of control or distrusting of where He might lead, so we say “I’m out.”

When we keep our “discomforts” straight, blessing can come.

For the more we suffer for Christ, the more God will shower us with his comfort through Christ. —2 Corinthians 1:5 NLT


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