I received a call this week from a pastor buddy of mine telling me about a call he had received from a lady who was a member of his church, talking about her son. I had spoken to the men’s group at their church back in November. I recall there was one high school student in that group. He listened intently while I spoke, then purchased my book afterwards. I remember talking to him briefly and he told me he really enjoyed the time and was challenged by my message.
The call to my friend was from this young man’s mom. Seems she has raised him and his brother all their lives without a dad. She called to say that she has noticed a difference in him since reading The Knight’s Code. She decided to see what the deal was, so one night she sat down and read the whole book. She told my friend that it was a huge help to her to better understand the male mind, spirit, and struggle. As a single mom raising sons, she said my book was a father’s voice to young men with no dad. And chapter 4 aggressively deals with the biological father image, even addressing the absence of a father and practical counsel on how to move forward in the image of your Heavenly Father.
So, is this a disguised book promo, Robert? No. . . . I promised you this blog would deal with discipleship, so here it is. Regardless of whether you are a dad or not, or if you are, whether you have sons or daughters, you as a Jesus-follower, are representing Him out there daily to countless young men who have never known a father, or if they have, it hasn’t been positive. One thing way better than a book to read is an example to follow. Think through your life. Who is a man younger than you—or just younger in their spiritual walk—that you have the potential and opportunity to influence? Maybe it’s high time to stop giving excuses that younger men should not look to you, but to “someone else” that you feel “have it together” better than you and get after being exactly the kind of man younger believers should follow. Maybe that’s exactly the motivation you need to step up your walk. To start some things and end others. Maybe you’re an incredible example, but you’ve been coasting lately. Let this writing be your line in the sand to step across, step up to the plate, and be an example to this fatherless culture and show them the passion and power of their Heavenly Father. And may our Tribe increase. Look up, look around, live it!

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