In the Delivery Room

Over the last decade or so, midwives have experienced a resurgence as a viable option for couples giving birth. Webster’s Dictionary defines a midwife as “a person who is trained to assist women during childbirth.” The typical connotation of this word and role is someone who helps the process along, works to avoid complication, and assists the baby coming out of the birth canal. The key words in the definition are “trained” and “assist.”

Now, if you are at a home where a midwife is in with the mother, you hear the baby cry, you hear those in the room expressing joy after seeing a healthy baby, you would never expect the midwife to walk out, holding the child, and announce to everyone, “Look, everyone! I made a baby!” If so, you would likely attempt to get the infant away from her as quickly as possible.

The midwife cannot take credit for the conception, the process, or the baby. She is merely an instrument to help bring about the optimum end result.

In the daily work of God, we are essentially midwives. He is continually bringing people to an understanding of Who He is through the Holy Spirit (spiritual conception). He allows us to be involved in the process of bringing people into His Kingdom (new birth). Yet we can’t take credit for the conception, process, or the delivery; however, God wants to use us to be an instrument to help bring about a healthy result; to do everything possible to see God’s work completed in the lives of those around us where He is at work.

Where is He working around you?

Where is He attempting to strategically place you, so when the time is right, someone will enter His Kingdom?

Where is He allowing you the privilege of seeing His Kingdom born on Earth?

Where does he need you to be a midwife?

Keep your eyes open and your ears attuned for the birth pangs of what He is doing. Then, once we have assisted the Father, He will look at us, and say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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