Choose Up

Remember playing football or basketball in grade school at recess and doing the whole captains picking the team thing? “I take Johnson.” “I get Mahoney.” “I’ll take Sims.”

If you were good, you enjoyed the process. If you stunk, it was painful.

Those sandlot captains chose based on one standard: athletic skill—the longer it took to pick you, the less you were perceived to have.

Today, as a grown man with a zillion responsibilities, the game is a lot more crucial. But we still pick guys to join us in the game.

So, when you pick for your team, to help you, support you, challenge you, advise you, how do you choose? It’s certainly not about athletic skill anymore. It’s on all the other things sandlot sports didn’t care about.

But sometimes even as grown men we can still use the wrong set of skills and qualities to use as the standard to pick from.

The big question is: Who are you stronger with than alone? Who’s the one guy who beats out a team of 10 because of who he is? Whoever that is, for whatever you need, better pick him.

Wise people say things that give you new knowledge, but fools say nothing worth hearing. —Proverbs 15:7 ERV


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