Before I Die or Too Old to Try

Most everyone has now heard of the phrase and concept of the “Bucket List.” It’s become somewhat of a buzz with a cultural coolness the last several years. I’m not sure which came first, the movie or the concept, but the movie certainly popularized the concept. Every so often, I hear or read about a man talking about his bucket list, where he is on it, and what he still wants to do. And it’s actually become common for two men to be talking and one say something like, “man, I’d love to drive a Ferrari one day” and the other man to say, “yeah, that’s on my bucket list.” There’s a strong chance that guy doesn’t actually have a list, it’s just come to mean, “I’d love to do that before I die or too old to try.”

As with so many of the men’s subjects I write about, my intent is not to criticize or promote the topic, but to offer a different spin on the thinking regarding that concept—and mostly to insert faith into it.

So, is there anything un-Biblical about a bucket list? Don’t think so. Now there could be some ungodly things on a man’s list, but the list itself isn’t wrong. Is it healthy for a man to dream and think outside the box on experiences he’d like to have in his lifetime? Absolutely! We should definitely promote that.

Imagine a moment with me . . . walking up to Peter and explaining the concept of a bucket list and then asking if you could help him write one out for himself. He’d likely say something to the effect of  . . .

“Let’s see. Well, I’d like to walk on water some day. . . . Oh, sorry, done that. . . . Uh, would love to be a part of multiplying food and feeding thousands. . . . Oh, wow. Ha! Been there, done that too. . . . Oh! I know! I’d love to stand with Jesus on a mountain and witness Him talking with Moses and Elijah. . . . (laughter) . . . Remember that? That was awesome! But already happened. . . . Wait, this would be so cool! . . . I’d love to stand before my people, preach the Gospel, and see thousands respond to Christ at one time! . . . Well, my brother, thanks for this great suggestion, but, as you can see, I believe following Jesus has created the bucket list for me. Nothing in my wildest imagination could ever have come up with the things I’ve witnessed and experienced in my life! Jesus wrote my bucket list before the foundations of the world were set into motion and, as you can see from my life, I’m afraid I can’t top that.”

So, you got a bucket list? Great. Nothing wrong with that at all. Just a friendly reminder that following Jesus should create quite a cool list of its own.

Been wanting to write a bucket list? Don’t let this stop you, but just leave room for your faith to affect your list.

Bottom line: Walking with Jesus will create some amazing stories and unforgettable experiences.

 God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! —Ephesians 3:20 MSG

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