Anything, God?

What if God appeared to you one night and said, “Ask for anything you want and I will give it to you”?

What would run through your mind? How quick would you answer? Would you think there was a catch?

In 1 Kings 3:5, this is exactly what God said to Solomon.

We can learn a great deal from this amazing story.

In summary, Solomon responded by…

1—submitting to God, saying, in essence, I may be a king to people, but I am your servant.

2—humbling himself before God, stating he did not yet know enough about being a leader—even though he was king.

3—requesting a quality that would help him best serve God and the people.

God responded with…

1—I’m pleased with you.

2—You could have asked for a completely personal, selfish thing, but you didn’t.

3—giving him what he asked for, as well as what could have asked for, but didn’t.

God ended by reminding Solomon obedience was the key to this entire encounter and his future success.

We know a Sovereign, Omnipotent God already knew what Solomon would say, but because He always desires an authentic relationship, He still asks, and wants to hear and see the honest answer.

Here’s the take-home today: For me and for you, can God trust us with such a vast opportunity from Him? Is our current level of obedience worthy of such?

Even in places where we are “king,” are we always God’s servant?

Laying aside yesterday’s mistakes and not being concerned with tomorrow, let us make today such a day.



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Franiie Rainey April 22, 2014

You did it again, Robert! Keep it up! Frankie

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