Address Correction

A couple getting ready to move into their $680,000 vacation dream home in Daytona Beach, Florida was shocked and surprised to find out their house had been built on the wrong lot! The construction company and two different surveyors completely missed the fact from the foundation to the finish-out that they were working on the wrong property. The news feed reported that all parties were trying to figure out the best solution without tearing it down and rebuilding—on the very next lot.

This same thing happens in many people’s lives. No; not with a physical building, but in life. Working so hard, fast and furious for many years, only to find the beautiful vision for the future is actually just a very bad dream. The life, wealth, power, fame, materialism, and self-focus may have built something pretty, but totally in the wrong place.

Disillusionment and discontent are strong enemies of the 40-60 year old man.

Let’s turn the corner …

I love the parable Jesus shared in Matthew 20 about the workers in the vineyard. He tells the story of a vineyard owner who, at the end of the day, paid those hired in the first hour the same as those hired in the last hour. When the ones who worked all day complained, he answers, Are you envious because I am generous? So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

If today, you relate to the couple who built their beautiful home in the wrong place, because you feel you’ve been doing this exact same thing for far too many years, the good news today is God knows exactly what to do when our house is built in the wrong spot. He is not only the Cornerstone of Heaven, but also an Expert in full-on renovation of the heart and life.

No matter where you find yourself, God can move you to a new land and pour a new foundation. Just ask Him. Then follow Him there. But, this time, let Him build it.

 Without the help of the Lord, it is useless to build a home … —Psalm 127:1 CEV

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