Extreme (Life) Makeover

If you have followed The Knight’s Code on any level, you likely have noticed that sometime in April, I went AWOL. Well, here’s the deal . . .
In March, we put our house on the market.
In April, we got a solid contract on it.
In May, we sold and moved to a temp home and put our life into 4 storage buildings.
In June, we loaded up an ABF trailer, a Budget truck, and all 3 vehicles and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Specifically Franklin, a southern suburb where most of the country music and Christian music world lives. Oh, and Dave Ramsey too.
Our family has been praying and working on this move for over 2 years. We knew it was time. My wife is from Chattanooga and all her family is there now, just two hours away.
After 20 years at Student Discipleship Ministries, I left my management position there, but took all my admin and writing duties with me on my computer to continue. I am also partnering with Chris Blaney of Converge Music in his artist management area. We manage 3 artists right now—Brock Gill, Phil Stacey, and the band Remedy Drive. If you google any or all of these, you’ll see and hear some great performances. Everyone asks: what does an artist manager do? The answer is any and everything that has to do with an artist’s career.
I’m also working with other ministries doing contract writing.
God has opened amazing doors that I never could have. When I stepped out, He was there and had the plan.
And, of course, I am continuing to go out and speak the message of The Knight’s Code. This month, I will be releasing my first in a series of men’s Bible study/accountability books called 3SG. 3SG stands for 3-strand group from Ecclesiastes 4:10-12. If your church would like to have me speak to your men, just contact me via the web site. I have a men’s retreat and a state-wide men’s conference coming up.
Gentlemen, God always does what He says He will do. And in this past 3 months, He has changed this man’s life in an extreme way.